We, Vendan Technologies Private Limited, the owner of website and “Vpharmacist” mobile application publish this Privacy Policy in respect of the User information collected by us and the extent of its use. We do respect your privacy and shall protect your data shared with us, as a registered User of website Vpharmacist mobile application, by implementing reasonable security measures to protect your sensitive personal data or information from unauthorized access, damage, use, disclosure or impairment.


By becoming a registered User of the website / Mobile application, you expressly consent to Vendan Technologies Private Limited and Vpharmacist mobile application to access and use your information for the purpose set out hereinafter and the Terms & Conditions.

Any use of the website and/or the mobile application would mean that you have fully read, understood and agreed to adhere to all the terms of this Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions before proceeding to enroll as a registered User and/or access the website to avail the online facility.

Our Privacy Policy is to be read along with the Terms of Use of the website / Mobile application, and is subjected to change at any time without notice. To make sure you are aware of any changes, it is a prerequisite that you review this Policy periodically and each time before placing an Order/request for medicine, medical device, pharmaceutical and healthcare allied products, as may be your requirement.

In case of non-compliance with statutory rules and regulations, User agreement/Terms & conditions and privacy policy for access or usage of our computer resource, we have the right to immediately terminate your access or usage rights to our computer resource and remove all or any such non-compliant information.

In case you do not agree with any of the content of this document, you must not proceed using or accessing our website/ mobile application in any manner and must immediately exit from the website and/or any of its link.


This Privacy Policy pertains to defining, achieving and maintaining confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and reliability of the information shared by you as a registered User of the website / Vpharmacist mobile applcaition and is published in compliance with, inter alia:

  • i. Section 43A of the Information Technology Act, 2000;
  • ii. Regulation 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011 (the “SPI Rules”); and
  • iii. Regulation 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011.
  • III. The type of information collected from you, a registered User
  • 1. The following are some of the pertinent information collected-
    • i. password;
    • ii. financial information such as Bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details;
    • iii. physical, physiological and mental health condition;
    • iv. information relating/pertaining to your distinct identity, contact details;
    • v. any detail relating to the above clauses, prescription, periodicity of usage of website, placement of request/Order for medicine, medical device, pharmaceutical and healthcare allied products and our service; and
    • vi. any of the information received for processing, stored or processed under lawful contract or otherwise:

    provided that, any information that is freely available or accessible in public domain or furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other law for the time being in force would not be regarded as sensitive personal data or information.

  • 2. The website is designed in a manner to facilitate easy placement of request for medicine, medical device, pharmaceutical and healthcare allied products and facilitate efficient service meeting your requirement. In the process, is a small piece of data sent from our website is stored on the User's computer by the User's web browser while the User is browsing, known in cyber technology as ‘Cookie’, ‘Authentication cookie’. These ‘Cookies’ are designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember information such as items added in the shopping cart in an door delivery store or to record the User's browsing activity including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past. They can also be used to remember arbitrary pieces of information that the User previously entered into form fields such as name, address, password and debit/credit card numbers. We use the ‘Cookies’ to analyze and understand your usage, number of users and visitors to our website, minimize procedures like frequent entering of login passwords each time for regular registered Users, assist a User with prompts etc. which are active even our website is idle without any user’s access. Some of these ‘cookies’ are “session cookies” which assist a User only for a particular session and do not store any data once the session gets closed and get deleted from your hard drive as well. We do not control the cookies employed or used by Third parties that are already embedded into an User computer’s hard drive by User’s use of such third party websites.
  • 3. If you are using our website or mobile application, with your permission, we will use the geographic location feature of your mobile telephone handset/ device or any such similar feature of the device you are using to access our website. You may opt out of location based services on your mobile phone by changing the setting in your mobile telephone handset/ device.

IV. The purpose/requirement and modes of usage of such information

We shall use your personal information for the purposes cited below, amongst others:

  • i. To facilitate the service of delivery of medicine, medical device, pharmaceutical and healthcare allied products required by you;
  • ii. To keep you informed and updated about our website, your account, product or service, promotional and offers;
  • iii. To enable you have an efficient, prompt and quality customer care service at your doorstep and ease/better your experience while using our website;
  • iv. To develop, produce, distribute or employ technological means for the sole purpose of performing the acts of securing the computer resource and information contained therein;
  • v. To prevent, mitigate, resolve cyber incidents and/or any real or suspected adverse event in relation to cyber security that violates an explicitly or implicitly applicable security policy resulting in unauthorized access, denial of service or disruption, unauthorized use of a computer resource for processing or storage of information or changes to data, information without authorization;
  • vi. To comply with/implement the requirements of law and reasonable standards of cyber security.

V. How and to whom we will disclose such information

  • i. When required by lawful order, without obtaining your prior consent, we shall provide information or any such assistance with Government agencies mandated under the law who are lawfully authorized for investigative, protective, cyber security activity. The information or any such assistance shall be provided for the purpose of verification of identity or for prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution, cyber security incidents and punishment of offences under any law for the time being in force, on a request in writing stating clearly the purpose of seeking such information or any such assistance.
  • ii. Any sensitive personal data or Information shall be disclosed to any third party by an order under the law for the time being in force.
  • iii. We may transfer sensitive personal data or information including any information, to any other body corporate or a person in India, or located in any other country, that ensures the same level of data protection that is adhered to by us as provided for under this Policy. The transfer may be allowed only if it is necessary for the performance of the lawful contract between us or any person on our behalf and you or where you have consented to data transfer.
  • iv. The information shall be disclosed to third party who work with us to serve you and your requirements commencing from your request/Order for medicine, medical device, pharmaceutical and healthcare allied products on our website.


We have adopted reasonable measures to protect your privacy and information shared with us. We have in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures as required under law. The Company’s servers and data resource are accessible only to authorised persons who are required to monitor and make our website effectively functional. That apart, your information would be shared with Sellers to serve and complete your requirements as per the request/Order placed on our website.

Though we periodically update security features of our website and other aspects, there may be occasion of violations, spams, virus beyond the reasonable measures adopted by us. On any such cyber incident and/or violations, you/the User have to immediately inform us for appropriate remedial measures.

You understand and undertake that the Company, Directors, employees and those associated with the Company to serve your requirement are not responsible or liable for any breach of your privacy that may occasion while browsing, accessing the website due to internet errors and/or unauthorized acts of Third parties.

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